The junior group is in the age from 6 or 7 up to 11 or 12 years old. Those who have not joined the ABC's before, will need to spend the first period to learn English. From that point on they work individually in offices on their academics through the ACE (accelerated christian education) system. Each pace (workbook) as buildingstones towards a beautiful house. In the ACE system it is not possible to remain behind. On a PACE-test children need to have at least 80% to pass. Dutch language is required by the Dutch Government and a few other topics will be given in Dutch as well, like history and geography. Core subjects of study are: Bible, Literature, English, Math, Word Building, Science, Biology and Health. 

Core subjects practically are based on household: Gardening, cooking/baking, cleaning, health and missionary work, sewing, washing and ironing. Others include practical skills like: carpentry, painting, typing, music, handicrafts and computer.  Also fieldtrips and exercise like walking, swimming and horse riding will be part of the school.